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What do these businesses have in common?

Regions Bank Children’s Hospital St. Vincent’s Hospital Sirote & Permutt Christian & Small University of Alabama Brasfield & Gorrie VIVA Health Southern Research Institute Robins & Morton  HealthSouth  BF Goodrich  Alacare Home Health and Hospice and others.

They imagined a workplace with greater productivity and increased profits! After implementing one of our programs, they have transformed the way they work and are more Organized, Productive, and Focused.

Organize 4 Results specializes in workplace productivity and leadership skills development training. We have achieved great success helping organizations like the ones above achieve bottom-line results and increase productivity and effectiveness through employee development programs. Employees learn practical solutions to real world challenges and gain skills they immediately use on the job.  Read the brief course descriptions below to find out more!

The GO System

The  GO System is a dynamic, information packed, in-house course that teaches people how to get more organized, focused and productive. It covers the 7 Key Issues that are PROVEN to significantly increase workplace productivity.

  1. Establishing strong foundational habits
  2. Processing incoming items
  3. Prioritizing
  4. Using time rationally
  5. Effectively managing projects
  6. Understanding personality issues
  7. Understanding psychological issues

It is a simple, step-by-step process for improving workplace productivity and can be customized for individual businesses.  People who have gone through the GO System training are:

  • More focused and organized
  • Better able to prioritize and handle interruptions
  • Getting more done in less time
  • Feeling relief from the stress of being overworked and overloaded
  • Motivated and productive, increasing the companies overall morale and bottom line

Learn more about  the GO SYSTEM.

It’s Time to Lead4Results!

I am so excited to announce my new programLead4Results, which was developed in response to requests from several of my clients who wanted—and needed—a leadership program.

In today’s highly competitive environment, where everyone is doing more with fewer resources, many people wear multiple hats. As people take on new challenges and new responsibilities, they need to continually learn new skills and enhance existing ones. Leaders must be able to look beyond the requirements of day-to-day tasks and ensure that the larger, organizational goals are accomplished. For many, this requires a shift from a managing mindset to a leadership mindset.

Whether you are currently in a management or leadership role or are making the transition, Lead4Results will provide you with the practical skills to excel in your position.

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Bridging the Generation Gap

Clashes among generations are common and generally arise from conflicts in attitudes and preferences for work, management and leadership, communication and motivation. Now with 4 generations in the workplace, Bridging the Generation Gap 3 hour workshop helps you understand where each generation “comes from” and how you can use generational differences to develop greater synergy, creativity and productivity in the workplace.

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Leading Multi-generation Teams


Never before have managers needed to juggle such an age-diverse staff.  Just as gender and ethnic diversity can lead to conflict and miscommunication, so can generational diversity.  On the other hand, if managed and led properly, a multi-generational team can develop greater creativity and productivity.  Leading Multi-generation Teams 3 hour workshop will help you understand the differing expectations and styles so you will be able to lead more cohesive, effective teams.

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The WE System

It’s simple.  WE stands for Work Environment.  We will work with you one-on-one to customize your work environment based on individual needs. Let us design an organizational system just for you that will help you get focused, stay on target for reaching your goals and assure your professional success. We will:

  • Customize your work environment and set up an effective filing system
  • Set up a system to prioritize your workload
  • Show you how to quickly reset your priorities during a chaotic day
  • Show you how to improve your ability to handle interruptions
  • Reduce the clutter in your work area
  • Reduce your stress level and free up time
  • Show you what being highly organized feels like!

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Our Commitment to You!

All our easy to use systems will continue to improve your office’s efficiency long after Organize 4 Results leaves – We stay in touch to not only see how it’s going, but to keep it going.
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Incredible Business

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