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Get Organized? Why?

Whether you personally plan to get better organized or you would like for your team to get better organized, the first step is answering the question, “Do you want to get organized?”

 There are many reasons for “wanting” to get more organized.  Let’s just focus on three:

  1. Customers – Due to the rapidly expanding number of options available in most businesses, it’s important that you provide a high level of customer service.  In order to remain competitive, you have to set yourself apart from your competition.  Would you spend your hard earned money with a business that employs a group of disorganized employees when you can find a group of organized people doing the same thing?
  2. Employees – The number one reason employees leave an organization is not the job or the company or the pay…it’s their boss.  The best way to get a group organized quickly is to provide them with a role model.  Help the boss get his or her act together and the benefits will flow downhill quickly.
  3. Profits – Disorganization runs off profits.  Disorganized employees confuse frantic motion with constructive action.  Think of the cost associated with wasted time and effort.  Getting organized is a bottom-line issue.

Don’t allow your customers, employees and profits to get lost in the shuffle and confusion of a disorganized, cluttered work environment.  End the frustrations of trying to lead and manage a group of overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded employees.  Provide them with the tools and resources and build the success of your business on a sound foundation of highly organized people!

As written by Chris Crouch, developer of the GO System.


Looking for CLE credit?

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Balch & Bingham

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Learn to get organized with the GO System.

The GO System is a proven, step-by-step process that addresses practice management subject matter and teaches organizational habits and behaviors. The GO System emphasizes fulfilling the attorney’s ethical obligations toward clients and the courts, ensuring timely compliance with deadlines, prioritization of tasks, case/project management, and adequate preparation in advance of deadlines.

The GO System will also help attorneys realize the benefits of integrating these good habits into their daily lives, and the corresponding benefits of increased life balance, satisfaction at work, at play and at home; and of decreased stress, anger, resentment and unprofessional behavior in court, in the office, and in the home.

This solution-oriented seminar presents productivity enhancing techniques that are simple to understand, simple to implement and highly effective. The techniques and decision-making processes discussed are rational, practical and workable in the real world.

The course covers the six major issues that create chaos in our lives:

g Handling incoming items (paper, e-mails, voice mails)

g Prioritizing

g Using time rationally

g Managing projects

g Personality issues

g Psychological and Physiological issues

 The session provides specific techniques to:

g Improve focus, organization and productivity

g Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety

g Improve ability to follow up and follow through on assignments

g Improve ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions

g Get more done in less time

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Habits NOT Gadgets

Welcome to my first official blog!


When trying to decide what to include in my first blog, I thought, well, let’s keep it simple and start at the foundation and build up from there.  After all, this is all about working smarter, so we might as well build a strong foundation on which to grow.  When thinking about this concept of working smarter, you really need to understand that being more productive, focused and organized is all about developing the right habits and behavior – not about investing in another gadget.  Although gadgets promise to make our lives easier, do they?  Do they really work in terms of helping you become more productive?  Gadgets aren’t going to help you until you recognize that getting more organized, focused and productive is all about developing the right habits and behaviors, and recognizing what you need to change.  You’ve got to clearly understand that getting organized and staying organized is all about developing habits that are in alignment with living an organized life. 


Part of the solution to any problem is accurately identifying the real problem.  Ask yourself, what habit is at the root of my problem?  Do I procrastinate?  Am I a perfectionist? Do I spend the majority of my time on low value tasks?  Do I constantly check email to avoid doing something I don’t want to do?    


First understand your current behavior, be honest with yourself and make a list of what needs to change, and then develop a game plan to form better, more productive habits.  After all, it’s about Working Smarter!


When talking about habits and behaviors, here’s a thought for you…do diets fail or do people fail?


Good luck!


Besides being passionate about teaching the GO System and helping people become more organized, focused and productive, I am extremely passionate about triathlons!


To all my triathlete friends out there, good luck at your races this weekend – if you’re not racing, train hard!  But most of all, have fun!





Hi All,

Welcome to my Blog.  Great new information coming soon!