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July 9, 2009


Habits NOT Gadgets

Welcome to my first official blog!


When trying to decide what to include in my first blog, I thought, well, let’s keep it simple and start at the foundation and build up from there.  After all, this is all about working smarter, so we might as well build a strong foundation on which to grow.  When thinking about this concept of working smarter, you really need to understand that being more productive, focused and organized is all about developing the right habits and behavior – not about investing in another gadget.  Although gadgets promise to make our lives easier, do they?  Do they really work in terms of helping you become more productive?  Gadgets aren’t going to help you until you recognize that getting more organized, focused and productive is all about developing the right habits and behaviors, and recognizing what you need to change.  You’ve got to clearly understand that getting organized and staying organized is all about developing habits that are in alignment with living an organized life. 


Part of the solution to any problem is accurately identifying the real problem.  Ask yourself, what habit is at the root of my problem?  Do I procrastinate?  Am I a perfectionist? Do I spend the majority of my time on low value tasks?  Do I constantly check email to avoid doing something I don’t want to do?    


First understand your current behavior, be honest with yourself and make a list of what needs to change, and then develop a game plan to form better, more productive habits.  After all, it’s about Working Smarter!


When talking about habits and behaviors, here’s a thought for you…do diets fail or do people fail?


Good luck!


Besides being passionate about teaching the GO System and helping people become more organized, focused and productive, I am extremely passionate about triathlons!


To all my triathlete friends out there, good luck at your races this weekend – if you’re not racing, train hard!  But most of all, have fun!



  1. Bruce
    Jul 9 2009

    Your right! Having two cell phones with two calendars, two computers with two calendars, and a Franklin Planner isn’t working for me. What do you suggest? I’m sure many people have work technology (phone and computer) and personal technology which makes organizing seem impossible.

  2. Jul 9 2009

    Well, you sure aren’t alone. I see this all the time. My suggestion would be to pick one calendar. The calendar can be either electronic or paper. It doesn’t matter. You just need one. It’s impossible to keep up with your appointments if you are checking multiple calendars. Keep it simple! If you can’t use your business cell phone for personal use, than unfortunately, you need two.

    Good luck!

  3. Jul 10 2009

    This is great! I’m really looking forward to all of the things I’m going to learn from your blog.

    What advice do you have for people who think they are too busy to correctly put away one project before they move on to the next project?

  4. Jul 15 2009

    In order to be more productive and focused, you have to increase your concentration. In order to increase you concentration, you need to eliminate your distractions. Leaving a project out that you are not working on creates clutter and will easily distract you. Taking the 60 seconds to file the project properly will eliminate the time wasted looking for that project when you need it again. Chances are, if you don’t file it away, it will get buried under more paper and projects. Good luck!

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