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September 5, 2009

Take A Pit Stop

Do you feel stressed when you walk into your office and see the various tasks piled on your desk, credenza and floor?  Do you feel that your desktop – both physical and electronic – controls you? 

The tasks that are sitting on your desk or stored in your inbox as a reminder of a “to do” item are nothing more than forms of clutter.  Working from a clean desk or inbox will improve your odds of doing what you should be doing instead of what you feel like doing.

Follow these simple steps to help eliminate the clutter:

  1. Gather everything that needs to be considered or acted upon
  2. Get rid of unnecessary items or things that don’t matter
  3. Determine the order of importance for your items
  4. Act on the items in priority order

Learn to slow down when you feel like speeding up.  The typical response to anxiety is action…and action drives out thought.  People who do not think about what they are doing usually lose sight of their objectives.  If you are under stress or out of control, it is counter intuitive to slow down and implement this four-step process.  Like a race car driver coming in for a pit stop…you don’t want to slow down.  However, sooner or later the lead driver must stop and make adjustments if they want to finish the race.  They must slow down when they feel like speeding up.  Gathering, filtering and prioritizing are the equivalent of coming in for a pit stop. 

This is a concept discussed during the GO System training course.  Feel free to contact me for more informaiton!

Take time for a pit stop so you can cross the finish line!

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