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November 17, 2009

Over Committed?

When you are overcommitted and feeling stressed by trying to “remember the thousand things” that are on your mind, you are probably trying to use your memory to store things that should be written down.  If you have not set up a system to store these “got to remember” items, your brain starts to become paralyzed with too many choices and decisions to make.

When you store these items in your brain, they tend to pop up at all sorts of odd times – sometimes in the middle of the night, during an important meeting, while having a conversation – and when this happens, you loose focus on the task at hand or worse yet, loose sleep when they pop up at 2:00 AM!

It’s impossible to focus on anything when you are counting on your brain to keep track of all your to-do items.  Use a method I call “Speed Dumping”.

The next time you feel like you are going in all directions, stop, take out a note pad, and for each task you have to do, write it down on its own sheet.  Then take each sheet and file it in your follow up system. If you don’t have a good capturing system, try using a 1-31 file and January – December file.

Just like roads become gridlocked with traffic, so does your brain with “got to remember” traffic.  Clear your mental traffic so you can stop feeling over committed and start feeling more in control.

Written by Chris Crouch, developer of the GO System training course.

Be Positively Productive!

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