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January 27, 2010


First Things First

“I can’t get organized because I wasn’t born with that gene”.  Sound familiar?  All too often, personalities are used as an excuse for not being able to do something.  Sure, certain personality traits may have a significant influence on your ability to become more focused, organized and productive.  It is not a matter of any particular trait being good or bad, it’s about whether the traits are a good match or a bad match for what you are trying to do.

Many people go through life totally unaware of how their personality traits influence their day-to-day actions, activities and results.  It’s not unusual for people to be totally unaware of a prominent trait that has been causing them significant problems for years.  Getting more organized, focused and productive is all about developing the right habits and behaviors but first you have to recognize what behaviors need to change.

People often think nothing of spending time, money and effort learning how to play golf, tennis, or even skiing – or in my world – spending money on a new bike, race wheels or swim lessons.  But most people spend little time, money and effort on learning to understand about their habits and behavior and how it impacts every area of their life!

If your HR department offers personality assessments, contact them and have one scheduled.  If you’ve taken one and haven’t looked at it in a while, pull it out and reread it.  Or invest in an online service.  Once you recognize what habits you need to change, it’s so much easier coming up with a plan.

Oh, one key point – first things first – work on understanding your own personality before you move on to trying to understand others.

Remember – becoming more organized, focused and productive is all about developing the right habits and behaviors and not about buying another gadget or electronic device.

Shared by Chris Crouch, developer of the GO System training course.

Have a productive week!

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  1. Personality is an important factor which most recruiters look up on.Your personality speaks a lot about your character.You may be less qualified or a little bit low on skills,but if your overall outlook is presentable,then you may have a chance of getting a job.

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