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February 14, 2010

Show Me The Money!

“Show me the money!”  This is, of course, Cuba Gooding’s famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire.  Money is neither inherently good nor bad…but it serves as a powerful attention-getter for most people.

Finding out the cost of disorganization helps put the importance of getting organized in perspective for many people.  The cost is usually much higher than you think.

If you run your own business, the impact of computing the cost of disorganization will be immediate and will directly affect you.  If you work for an organization owned by someone else and the money is not coming directly out of your pocket, don’t fool yourself into thinking it doesn’t matter to you.  A lot of people have lost jobs because their employer could not survive and remain competitive with disorganized employees.

If you’re curious, click on this link.  The exercise is simple and will probably be an eye opener!

Once you’ve calculated the cost of disorganization, don’t forget to also consider some of these costs: 

  • Increased health care costs due to stress-related illnesses.  (Usually when you’re unorganized, you’re stressed).
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Increased employee turnover
  • Lost customers
  • Employee career dissatisfaction

Pick one area, get it organized and enjoy feeling more in control.

Written by Chris Crouch, developer of the GO System training course.

Be Positively Productive!

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