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April 11, 2010

Top 10 Time Wasters

There are 10 issues that I consider to be huge time wasters in the work environment.  For the next 5 weeks I’ll feature 2 of them and give you suggestions for addressing these issues.

1.  Operating in a Crisis Mode

  • Implement a sound planning process.
  • Stop making new commitments and promises until you restore balance in your life.
  • Address the true cause(s) of the crisis rather than only addressing the symptoms.
  • Increase your knowledge and skill level related to the factors causing the crisis.
  • Shut down all nonessential activities until you have solved the crisis.

2.  Handling Phone Calls and E-mails

  • Stop taking any phone calls or paying attention to any e-mails for at least 20% of your workday.
  • Use only one voice mail system to capture messages from important people in your life.
  • Use only one e-mail system to capture messages from important people in your life.
  • Set up a separate e-mail address to use for filling out product applications, forms or other documents that may generate future junk mail.
  • Establish a process and develop the habit of keeping your voice mail and e-mail inboxes empty.

These are just 2 issues that might be putting limitations on your ability to become more focused, organized and productive.  I’ll post 2 more next week!

Taken from the GO System training course, written by Chris Crouch.

Have a positively productive week!

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