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May 7, 2010


Great Feedback!

I have been teaching the GO System quite a lot lately and I have received great feedback!  For those of you who have taken the course, let me know what’s working for you and share your success stories!  Post a comment and become a fan on Facebook!

Have a positively productive week!

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  1. Lisa M.
    May 11 2010

    I use the 1-31 filing system for work and home and my stress level has plummeted. I don’t have to remember everything I need to do. I file it when it needs to be dealt with and when it comes up, I do it. It’s like having a second brain and it really is that simple.

  2. Brent
    May 11 2010

    The timer really helps me get motivated.

  3. K.
    May 11 2010

    The GO System is helping our people find things when they need them and improving their ability to consistently follow up on projects, tasks and customer requests.

  4. Rebecca Anderson
    May 12 2010

    The GO System has truly improved our productivity and concentration. What a difference focusing makes! That simple exercise we did on multitasking was truly an eye opener! Thank you for an awesome class.

  5. Martha H.
    May 12 2010

    This process was very revealing and helpful. While I believed I was pretty good at archiving and capturing information, I realized that I needed help retrieving it and organizing the day to day work load. Karen worked with me for 3 hours going through all of my binders. It was amazing how I was relying on my memory, which probably explains why things fell through the cracks. With Karen’s help I now have about 1 months worth of work planned, and I have got an easy to use system to ensure it will be done.

  6. Harry Swendsen
    May 12 2010

    I use the timer every day. It really helps me keep up my momentum.

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