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May 12, 2010

I’ve Co-authored A Book

Coming this fall! 

Incredible Business is the essential resource to building a thriving business, learning the skills to stay competitive and growing your bottom line. Discover what you need to know to advance in the marketplace with insights from North America’s top business experts.
Your business success comes as the result of more than talent, commitment and hard work. Your success will also be determined by how you treat your clients, conduct your marketing, do your business planning and manage your team. In fact, your success is determined by everything you do and not do all day long, every day.
With this book, you can quickly learn how business experts act to get the very best results. Top experts in each of their respective specialties have joined together to give you the most powerful innovative information and strategies available to build your business.  

Be one of the first to get a copy of Incredible Business.  Pre-order your signed copy by contacting me at!

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