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May 29, 2010

Summer Vacation

School is out for us and summer has officially begun.  Where did this school year go?  I was at a graduation party the other day and it seemed like everyone was talking about where they are going on their summer vacation.  Some are going to the beach, mountains, tropical destinations, hiking, white water rafting, and much more.  Others are simply staying put and finding things to do around town.  

Where are you going and what is the one thing that you MUST take with you on vacation?  For me, it’s my running shoes!

For every type of trip I’ve taken, I have made a list and keep them all in a journal.  I have a list for the beach, one for the mountains, for holiday trips to visit family, going to races, etc.  That way when I get ready to pack, I go to the appropriate list, make a copy, and start checking off the items as I pack them.  It makes the process so easy and I don’t forget anything! – and if I did, I write it on the list when I get back to make sure I don’t forget it the next time!

Start your list, begin packing early and enjoy your vacation!

Tell me where you’re going and what is the one thing you MUST take with you on vacation.  Would love to hear from you!

Have a great summer!

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