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May 2, 2010

Top 10 Time Wasters – Continued

Here’s numbers 7 and 8 with specific strategies for addressing these issues:

7. Lack of Self-Discipline

  • Clarify your goals or the direction you desire to take in your life.
  • Read ‘Following Through” by Steve Levinson and Pete C. Greider
  • Investigate issues related to cognitive dissonance to see if they are limiting your ability to follow through.
  • Investigate potential sources for procrastination.
  • Minimize or eliminate distractions or barriers (real or perceived) that are preventing you from moving forward.

8.  Inability to say “No”

  • Practice saying “no” when you want to say “no”.  It gets easier with a little practice.
  • Investigate why you say “yes” when you really want to say “no”.
  • Clarify your priorities and decline activities that are not in alignment with your priorities.
  • Stop wanting everyone to like you all of the time.
  • Be patient when changing your behavior.

I’ll post the last 2 next week!

Have a positively productive week!

Taken from the GO System training course, written by Chris Crouch.

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