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Cubicle Etiquette

If you’ve been desperately searching for the guy you ought to “thank” for creating your comfy work environment, you’ve come to the right place.

The story of the cubicle all starts with the Herman Miller Co. In 1964, the firm launched a new line of office furniture called the Herman Miller Action Office. Designed by Bob Propst, the Action Office was really just a euphemism for “world’s first cube farm.” Ummm, I thought the office cubicle was invented by Dilbert…

Believe it or not, Propst thought the cubicle would actually break down office hierarchies and create workspaces that fostered community without robbing workers of their privacy. For those of you who currently occupy cubes, you might have a few choice words for Propst and his theory, but corporate America sure liked the idea. According to HR Magazine, approximately 70 percent of American office workers live in cubicles. Wait, no. Work! I meant work in cubicles.

Listed below are my top 5 cubicle etiquette tips:

  1. Respect Space – Do not stand outside a cube to conduct a conversation.  Converse either in your own cubicle or in that of your colleague that you are talking to.
  2. Do Not Be a Pest – Do not use sign language or whisper to attract the attention of someone who is on the phone.  Return later to carry out a conversation if you see someone talking on the phone.
  3. Respect Focus – Think twice before interrupting someone who appears to be deep in thought.  They probably are.
  4. Avoid the Speaker Phone – Do not subject others to your voicemail messages or your phone conversations.  They have their own to deal with.
  5. Keep Private Matters Private – Do not exchange confidential information in a cubicle.  The walls of cubicles rarely reach over 5 or 6 feet in height, so sound easily finds its way over the top.  Your voice will carry.

A good rule of thumb for cubicle etiquette is that if it bothers you when others do it, avoid doing it yourself. 

Have a positively productive day!


Do you get more done when you’re under pressure?

“I work better under pressure” seems to be a common workplace myth.  People often justify the last minute rush with the belief that they work better under pressure.  What I have observed by watching and listening to the people that say this, is that they ONLY work under pressure.  Most likely, they lack the motivation to start the task at hand so they need the external pressure to get it done in order to even start. Usually what I hear is that they complain about the pressure.  I rarely hear any one ever say “Gee, I’m glad I waited to the last minute because I work better when I’m under the gun”.  Instead it’s “I wish I would have started earlier on this because I could use the extra time.”

Do you “ONLY” work under pressure?  If so, try starting your next project early and see how that feels. 

Remember – frantic motion is not the same thing as constructive action.


Healthy Office Snacks

Sometimes it’s hard being productive in the afternoon when the 3:00 PM sleepies hit and your stomach starts to crawl.  Before you dig in your drawer for spare change and head to the vending machine, check out this website for healthy office snacks.  Pick low-calorie, nutritious snacks that not only curb your appetite but also provide long lasting energy.  Sorry, I didn’t see M & M’s on the list! and search “Healthy Office Snacks”


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