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October 19, 2010

Do you get more done when you’re under pressure?

“I work better under pressure” seems to be a common workplace myth.  People often justify the last minute rush with the belief that they work better under pressure.  What I have observed by watching and listening to the people that say this, is that they ONLY work under pressure.  Most likely, they lack the motivation to start the task at hand so they need the external pressure to get it done in order to even start. Usually what I hear is that they complain about the pressure.  I rarely hear any one ever say “Gee, I’m glad I waited to the last minute because I work better when I’m under the gun”.  Instead it’s “I wish I would have started earlier on this because I could use the extra time.”

Do you “ONLY” work under pressure?  If so, try starting your next project early and see how that feels. 

Remember – frantic motion is not the same thing as constructive action.

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