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December 4, 2010

Holiday Travel Made Easier

Have you ever packed for a trip and then gotten to your destination and realized you have forgotten something?  It’s frustrating – especially when you really need the forgotten item and have to go out and buy it when it’s sitting at home!

Well, with the holiday travel season fast approaching, check out these two websites to help make your packing easier.  I love using checklist when I travel!  I have a checklist for when I travel to races – marathons and triathlons – a checklist for tropical vacations and one for visiting family during the holidays.  It saves tons of time.  I print off my list, and start packing.  It’s amazing how quickly I can pack for a trip and it’s a lot less stressful!

If you want to use a list that’s already established check out:

or If you feel like customizing your list, check out:

Either choice will save you tons of time, relieve stress and save you money!

Just one more way to be more organized, focused and productive!

Safe travels!

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