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May 7, 2011

Capture Cards

For those of you that have taken my GO System training course, you received a set of capture cards in your packet.  One of the best ways to capture incoming items is by simply writing them down on a 3-by-5 index card.  Keep a few cards with you all the time and get in the habit of writing each item on a separate card.  Since they are portable, require no batteries and will easily fit in a pocket, they are great for capturing things when you are away from your office – like verbal requests and voice mail messages.  When you return to your office, you can make one of the five decisions we discussed on each card and decide what to do with it next.  If it is a follow-up item that needs to go in your 1 to 31 file, tape it to a full-size sheet of paper and put it in the appropriate file. 

Stop relying on your memory to keep up with everything. Carry a few 3×5 index cards with you and write down important things you want to follow up on.

Try this for a day or two and you will be surprised how well it works and how quickly you get used to using the cards as a memory aid.   

Click here to download a printable capture card!  capture card

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