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June 16, 2011

Five Work Habits to Help You Become Positively Productive

You don’t have to take big steps to improve productivity and effectiveness. Small steps that become good work habits are all it takes, and small gains in productivity can produce big results. 

  1. Plan tomorrow today. Take the last 5 minutes of each day and set your priorities for tomorrow so you can hit the ground running when the day begins. 
  2. Do the most important activities first. Doing the most important things first keeps you on track and helps you accomplish high priority tasks.  
  3. Be productive when handling documents. The goal is to discard, delegate, take immediate action, file it for reference or file it for follow up. 
  4. Use filters and rules to organize email. Rules and filters help you organize email so you can immediately respond to and manage emails from key people. 
  5. Be consistent. Being organized is an ongoing process.  Don’t get discouraged with minor set backs. 
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