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July 7, 2011

An Easy Morning Starts the Night Before

There are few things as frustrating as a disorganized morning. Do you find yourself running around the house trying to get ready for work, fix lunches, get the kids out the door on time while hunting for your keys and briefcase, only to arrive at work and discover the flash drive with your presentation is sitting on your dining room table? If so, you need the key to a good morning–an evening routine! 

  • Create a Reminder List. Create a list of everything you have to take with you the next day and post it where you will see it before you leave the house in the morning. 
  • Pack Lunches and Snacks. Save money by bringing food from home. 
  • Set the Table before Going to Bed. A table ready for breakfast is one less chore in the morning.
  • Choose the Next Day’s Wardrobe. Do all the ironing and coordinating the night before.  No need to spend time doing this in the morning.  
  • Create a Space for Items You Need to Remember. Put anything you can in your car the night before.  Put all other items together so you can grab and go in the morning.

Plan tomorrow tonight and have a positively productive morning!

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