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August 18, 2011

The Art of Giving Feedback

How you give feedback can make or break workplace relationships. You can use feedback to reinforce positive behaviors or correct negative ones. The goal is to give more positive feedback which will help people improve, develop and grow. Here are tips for giving effective feedback: 

  • Never give feedback when you are angry or upset.
  • Be courteous and diplomatic. Remember, most employees want to improve, but may need help understanding how.
  • Provide specific, meaningful statements and evaluations that encourage the employee to make positive changes.
  • Present your points in a calm, clear, rational way.
  • Use words that directly relate to behavior, not personalities.
  • Paint a bigger picture by describing the effect of the employee’s work or behavior on you and your unit.
  • Avoid making judgmental statements and never exaggerate.
  • Ask the person’s opinion about how and where he/she thinks improvements can be made. 

By giving feedback in a positive and constructive manner, you will help others understand their strengths and weaknesses, influence behavior and improve performance by increasing confidence and competence.

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