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September 21, 2011

Juggling Managers

Handling multiple managers is not a problem; it is an opportunity to develop your collaboration and interpersonal skills. An important key to supporting more than one manager is to understand how your skills can complement each of their skills. Your goal is to develop an individual relationship with each manager. What skills do you need to work for multiple managers? You need to: 

  • Understand the goals of your department and how each manager contributes to those goals. Meet with each manager to better understand where each fits into the big picture and discuss how you can better support each.
  • Create a master calendar that shows deadlines for tasks by manager. A master calendar can help you get and stay organized. Make sure everyone has access to the master calendar, so each knows your priorities.
  • Keep lines of communication open between you and each manager. Also encourage communication between the managers themselves.
  • Be flexible and assertive about priorities and deadlines. When there is a conflict, speak up and negotiate to ensure the most important tasks for the department are completed.
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