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September 18, 2011

Understand Styles for Better Motivation

Understand Styles for Better Motivation 

Do you often wonder what makes people tick? Why some people are achievers and others need to be prodded into action? Understanding motivation styles can help you communicate in a way that gets others—and yourself—in action! 

  • Larks vs. Owls.

“Larks”—mornings—people naturally arise early in the morning and usually are full of energy. They are at their best until early afternoon, when their energy starts to fade. Make sure to schedule important meetings and creative activities early in the day.

 “Owls”—night—people are slow starters. They do not reach their maximum until mid-morning and are at their peaks mid-day. Afternoon is their best time for important meetings, decisions and creativity.

  • Toward vs. Away From.

“Toward” people like goals. They want to visualize the result of their efforts. The more richly the goal is described, the more motivating it is. 

“Away-from” people are motivated by consequences of acting or not acting. They need to understand what would be lost by not acting. For example, a “toward” person goes to the dentist because they want healthy teeth; an “away-from” person goes to the dentist to avoid cavities and gum disease. 

  • Internal vs. External.

“Internal” people are motivated by doing a good job. They usually are self-starters and prefer hands-off managers. 

 “External” people need positive reinforcement that they are on the right track in order to stay motivated. They want feedback and encouragement in order to keep going.  

  • Self vs. Other.

“Self” people are motivated through personal achievement and recognition. They want to be rewarded and acknowledged for a job well done. 

“Other” people are motivated by the team. They do not want to disappoint others and want to share rewards and recognition. 

Understanding what moves people is a key skill that will help you get better results.  Also, don’t forget about you  – schedule your day around your best times and be positively productive!

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