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November 26, 2011

What An Experience

Wow, I just returned from an incredible trip to Arizona!

The trip started in Tempe where I competed in Ironman Arizona.  What an amazing journey!  I started packing a week before leaving and had all my lists ready to go.  Between the swim gear, bike gear, run gear and all the special needs items, I needed one suitcase just for race day.  I am so thankful that I am extremely organized because it took a lot of the stress out of what is normally a very stressful event.  With all the items checked and bags packed, we were ready to go!

The swim was cold, dark and choppy (2.4 miles), the bike was hilly and windy (112 miles) and the run was perfect (26.2 miles).  My family was at varous points throughout the day and it was fun trying to find them.  Their support and enthusiasm always came at the perfect time.  13 hours and 10 minutes later, I crossed the finish line!

The following day, we headed to Sedona where we spent a week that was full of hiking, off road jeep riding, shopping and eating.  Probably the most peacful place I have ever visited.

As you reflect back on 2011, embrace your accomplishments, learn from your failures and plan for a successful 2012!

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