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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May this year be your best year yet!

Now is the time when many people set resolutions—knowing that they aren’t likely to be kept. The idea of setting resolutions is almost a joke, so don’t do it. That’s right, skip the resolutions this year. Instead, set an intention.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary at, the definition of INTENTION is: “a determination to act in a certain way.”

When you set an intention, you are determined to take action to bring it about. An intention is more motivating than a resolution is, and you are more likely to take it seriously. It requires commitment—determination—to realize it.

Fill in the blank: In 2012, I intend to                                                                                      .

Focus on an intention to improve your strengths in one area. For example, you could set an intention to take a workshop to improve your communication or leadership skills. Whatever your intention, take one action step every day to achieve it.

Try it, and see how much more you can accomplish by setting an intention!

Have a postively productive 2012!


New Year = New Professional Opportunities

Do you feel stuck or stagnant in your professional life? Sometimes, stimulating your brain with a new activity is all that is needed to get you moving in the right direction.

Of course, there are always professional development classes and seminars. Learning a new skill is a great resume-builder. However, if finances are a concern, here are some creative ideas for professional growth without spending a dime.

Find a mentor. Is there someone that you respect and admire professionally? Ask that person if he or she will meet for lunch every other week. Use him/her as a resource for career issues. If you have a goal in mind, ask that person to keep you accountable in working toward your goal.

Go to free networking events. Most cities have Chamber of Commerce or social marketing events. Start attending an event that is within your niche. Before you enter the room or conference center, think about more than just finding new clients. Think about possible alliances and partnerships that may be good for business.

Join a Linked-In group. Just about any profession has a professional group on Linked-In. Joining the group will provide you with a forum for questions as well as relevant information about your field.

Best wishes for a very successful and fullfilling New Year!


New Year = Less Procrastinating

Ahhhh… the “P” word. I don’t think that anyone is unfamiliar with procrastinating. It is simply human nature, and quite possibly a law of nature. Procrastinating is so easy to do; especially with unpleasant tasks or those that seem too large to tackle.

A new year means new hope in tackling procrastination. The next time you are tempted to procrastinate, use Newton’s 1st law of motion: “A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”

Follow these steps to test if Newton’s law applies to procrastinating:

  1. Break the project into the smallest pieces you think you can handle.
  2. Set a time in the next 24 hours to work on the first “piece.”
  3. Make sure you complete the piece assigned, but allow yourself to work longer if the work is going smoothly.

Remember, a body in motion has a tendency to stay in motion. If you can get started, you may not be able to stop. Before you know it, you could end up being Positively Productive.


Ready, Set, Go…Get organized for 2012!

With the New Year about three weeks away, get yourself set up for 2012.

  • What do you need to do to close out the year? Make a checklist and as you finish each task, cross it off.
  • Review year-end reports and gather the data you need as of now. Is anything missing? Track it down.
  • How do you want to develop staff next year? Are there training programs and workshops you want to send people to in first quarter? Take action to make that  happen.
  • Do you need to replenish supplies or replace obsolete forms with new ones for 2012?
  • Take time to set up 2011 archive files, folders and storage to make getting organized in 2012 faster and easier.

Staying positively productive in 2012 starts now!


Lessons Learned

Making mistakes is all a part of learning and growing, both professionally and personally. Use past mistakes for all they are worth by recognizing them, evaluating their significance and most importantly, committing to not repeat them. Let’s commit to learning our lessons and moving forward into 2012!

  • Multi-tasking is ineffective. We have all done it and many of us are tempted to multi-task every day. Instead of trying to squeeze every second out of the day by multi-tasking, schedule time with yourself to focus on important tasks. It will reduce your frustration level and will end up saving you time in the long run.
  • Social networking and marketing is here to stay. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to see the explosive growth in online marketing, social networking and the continually changing landscape of how business is done. If your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn network and other online tools are not up to par, make a resolution to get it done in 2012.
  • Spending time to organize now will give you more time later. How long will you wait to get your workspace organized or clean out that junk closet at home? If your days are packed with work, errands and to-do lists, you can’t afford not to be organized. Spend some time daily gaining control over your surroundings instead of the other way around.

Take the above lessons with you into 2012 to become Positively Productive!