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February 9, 2012

Show Your Appreciation at Work

We usually associate Valentine’s Day with romance and love, but I want to take the idea in a slightly different direction. I think this is a great time to tell people you work with that you appreciate them. 

Remember back in elementary school when Valentine’s Day rolled around? Teachers made sure every child got at least one valentine—even the kids no one liked very much. This kind of recognition is, in fact, kind and generous. So, how do you translate it to the workplace? 

  • Since sending adult Valentine cards might communicate the wrong message, send a warm, gracious email or thank-you card to those you work with.
  • Host a Valentine’s party for your staff with treats and a longer-than-usual morning or afternoon break.
  • Let staff leave early to prepare for evening Valentine festivities.
  • Just say, “Thanks for a job well done! I appreciate all you do!” 

A little appreciation goes a long way to keep people motivated and productive.

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