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March 30, 2012

Don’t Be Fooled By Illusions!

Sometimes, what we believe is a time saver actually is a time waster. Begin to question your current beliefs about workplace productivity. Generally, if you feel stress, frustration or experience failure, you are working under an illusion.

An illusion is not real. Among a group of people, the most successful person is usually the person whose beliefs correspond most closely to reality. If you want to escape the negative effects of a workplace productivity illusion, the first step is to switch some of your current beliefs.

One common workplace illusion is this: Multitasking saves time. In reality, multitasking does not involve doing several things at once. It requires you to switch back and forth between tasks, and it significantly reduces productivity—even when you are switching between very simple and highly similar tasks. Pay attention to times when you are multitasking and ask if you would be more positively productive by focusing on one task at a time.  Chances are your answer will be Yes!

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