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March 1, 2012

Quick Steps to Get Organized

Getting organized takes some time, but once you get into the habit, life becomes much easier. You can be more productive—and less frustrated! 

  • Organize your space. Whether it is your home, office, closet, desk or file cabinet, go through it and throw away, put in storage or archive anything you do not use often. Then organize the rest in convenient, clearly designated spaces. 
  • Put it back where you got it. Make a habit of putting things back in their designated space as soon as you are finished using them. This means you need to designate documents for specific areas. Generally, documents you use most often should be stored nearest your work area. Documents you use less often should be farther away. 
  • Keep track of follow-up items. Calendars, planners and smartphones are excellent options for tracking what needs follow up. Whatever you use, just use one system, and use it regularly to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

See my blog post Color Coding as a Tracking Tool for one way to manage follow up.

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