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May 2, 2012

Juggling Multiple Managers

Working for more than one person can be challenging. The key to success is discovering how your skills complement each manager’s skills. You also need to develop and cultivate an individual relationship with each manager.

  • Make sure each manager understands all the projects, deadlines and priorities you are working on.
  • Use a whiteboard in your office to capture your top five priorities each week and which manager they go with.
  • Send out regular status reports to explain what you are working on for each manager and to track your accomplishments.
  • Adjust your style for each manager. If one manager likes a lot of details and another likes just sound bites, write longer emails and leave longer voice mail messages for the former and shorter ones for the latter.
  • Be aware of conflicting messages and do not get in the middle of a conflict between managers. Ask for resolution and direction in prioritizing tasks.

Keep the lines of communication open and you will be positively productive!

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