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May 31, 2012

Ten Tips for Completing Assignments

  1. Before taking on a new assignment, consider the effect of this new responsibility on your current duties. If necessary, ask for help in integrating the new assignment and in reprioritizing tasks.
  2. Find out how your manager will evaluate success. Clarify his or her expectations, identify how much autonomy you have for making decisions and understand how success will be measured.
  3. Identify what resources you need, what are readily available and what need to be obtained.
  4. Ask your manager to inform other involved people about the assignment and your level of authority.
  5. Find out how your manager wants to monitor your progress and provide regular status reports.
  6. Express your confidence in your ability to do the job.
  7. Build a plan starting with the deadline, set milestone dates and describe what is to be delivered on each date. Then, set small interim goals that allow you to measure progress and bolster your self-confidence.
  8. When problems arise that you cannot handle yourself, ask for advice and help.
  9. Regularly review the goal for the assignment and revise your plan to ensure you are working toward it.
  10. Make sure your performance evaluation reflects the delegated assignment. If the delegated task will become part of your ongoing responsibilities, you may need to modify the job description and performance plan to consider the new responsibilities.
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