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July 20, 2012

Productivity on the Road

Productivity on the Road

While virtual meetings have made inroads on business travel, sometimes you just have to leave the office and hit the road. Here are some tips for staying productive:

  • Create a must-have list of documents you need on the go and check it before you head out.
  • Save documents to a shared drive, cloud drive or flash drive to avoid having to carry hard copies with you or in case you lose or damage hard copies.
  • Stay connected. Let people in the office know you will be gone and leave information about how to best contact you.
  • Change out-of-office messages to let people know when you will be returning to the office.
  • Check deadlines and deliverables that are due when you will be away. Take whatever action is necessary to meet obligations ahead of your travel time and delegate assignments as necessary.

Stay positively productive even when you are away from the office so when you return, you don’t feel further behind!

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