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August 17, 2012


Time Management vs Action Management

Stop thinking about “time management” and start thinking about “action management”.  You cannot control time but you can control the actions that take up your time.

Divide your day into actions that support your goals. For example, take action on completing the next step of a major project, write part of a report, do research on a proposal. Allow time to reflect on what you intend to do next and include routine activities like daily tasks, checking email and responding to phone calls. As you consider the actions you are going to take, remember: You are paying for them with time, and there are no refunds.

Setting appointments with yourself is one of the best ways to ensure your actions support your goals. Block out time on your calendar just as if you were making an appointment or scheduling a meeting. Honor these times, and do what you intended when the appointment times arrive.

By scheduling time for yourself, what you’ll find is at the end of the day, you’ll actually accomplish what you wanted to do, instead of what everyone else wanted you to do. Now that’s being positively productive!

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