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August 2, 2012

Tips for Managing Multiple Priorities

Busy is truly the new normal, and the higher you rise on the organizational chart, the more priorities you need to juggle. You need to figure out how to meet all your deadlines and put first things first while juggling dozens of tasks. Here are three ideas that can help:

  1. Mix it up. No one can push hard all of the time, so you need to figure out which actives will tax you mentally and physically and which ones will not. Then, mix the two, so that you don’t burn out by Tuesday afternoon. Optimally, you need to switch gears about every 90 minutes in order to remain productive and effective.
  2. Take time to plan. Spend time planning each day and write down your priorities on paper, in your phone or on your computer, whichever note system works best for you. Each day and week should have a list of top priorities, but be sure to mix in the easy tasks (see #1) to give your brain and body a bit of a break as you complete your action items.
  3. Prioritize. Determine which priorities are “must-dos” and which can be delegates. Be aware of who wants what and when, and who can wait. Don’t let false guilt drive your priority choices. Put tasks at the top that are essential for your major job responsibilities and/or are needed to meet a hard deadline.
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