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September 13, 2012

Be Generous with Praise

Be Generous with Praise

The key to recognizing your workers for a job well done is fairness. Despite this, a recent online poll at found that 72 percent of employees were never praised by their managers!

One way to ensure that you are fair is to look at your roster of employees from time to time and see who has not been praised in the past several months. In this way, you can be sure to spread praise around and make everyone on your team feel valued.

As always, remember the three rules of praise:

  • It should be merited. Praise is meaningful when it relates to actual accomplishments; however, the accomplishment need not be major. Praise both large and small achievements.
  • It should be specific. Rather than say, “That report was well done,” say instead, “Your report was thorough and contained all the information management needs to make a decision.”
  • It should be given soon after the praiseworthy act was done. Recognize results as soon as they are achieved for maximum impact.

Be generous with praise; it’s free, so spread it around!

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