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September 27, 2012

Building Trust Leads to Greater Productivity

Trust is a major leadership skill. When employees trust you, it is easier for you to motivate them. When you can motivate them more effectively, employees will be more productive and inspired. Here are some easy steps to increase trust among your employees.

  • Show employees that you trust them. Clearly explain deliverables and set expectations, then give your employees the freedom to “do it their way.” Avoid micromanaging, use coaching feedback and provide encouragement. Let them know you trust them to do a good job and achieve the results you expect.
  • Share information. Keep your door open, your communication forthright and your motives transparent. If you cannot share information for legitimate reasons, explain why you can’t, so employees understand the context for your silence. Secrets lead to gossip and rumor, and they lead to distrust.
  • Ask for feedback and listen to it. Asking employees to give you feedback on departmental and individual goals opens the door to innovation and creativity. They know their jobs better than anyone does, and they know what would make them more productive. Ask for input and suggestions for improvement. If it makes sense, implement the strategies and changes you hear. This encourages ownership and that contributes to accountability and motivation.

What can you do today to enhance trust in your department?

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