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October 4, 2012

Focus on Results

In order to hit the bull’s eye on a target, archers aim above the target. That’s because the arrow flies in an arc, and they have to send it above the target if they want to hit the bull’s eye. They also have to account for the wind. They may aim to the left or right of the target. What does this have to do with productivity?

While you always want to focus on results, you want to actually aim higher. By taking a tip from the archer, aim for results that exceed your goal. This way you will be sure to achieve the results you want—and maybe more!

Aiming to the right and left teaches you to account for factors in the work environment that may affect hitting the target. Limited resources, shifting priorities, changes in workflow, all of these require you to shift focus a bit.

If you want to hit the bull’s eye in business, focus like an archer.

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