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October 26, 2012

Meeting Tips

Do your meetings ever feel like they are going nowhere fast? Meetings are often significant sources of wasted time. A good meeting starts with good planning. Here are three tips for planning meetings that are more effective.

Clarify the purpose of the meeting.

Determine your outcome and put it on the agenda.

Invite the appropriate people.

Keep the list of invitees as small as possible and identify who has to do what before the meeting. Give people a heads-up if they need to prepare a presentation and clearly explain what you expect them to deliver.

Prepare and send an agenda ahead of the meeting.

The agenda needs to include the meeting date, time, location, directions, the names of attendees plus who is speaking on what topic and for how long. Make sure it goes out at least a week ahead of the meeting and again the day before with the meeting reminder.

Make meetings positively productive with these quick planning tips.

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