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October 19, 2012

Write Better Emails

Email is supposed to be a quick communication. The goal is to have the recipient open and read it, and then do what you want him/her to do! Here are some quick tips for improving email productivity.

Don’t spend time formatting email.
Email servers may strip out or garble formatting. Don’t take time using bold, italics or other formatting tools in the body of an email.

Always send attachments as PDFs.
Email servers often block Word attachments since they can carry viruses. PDFs, however, usually make it past the firewalls. If you are not sure your Word attachment will go through, save and send it as a PDF.

KISS it.
Keep your email short and simple. Most readers will scroll once; some will scroll twice; very few will keep reading.

Watch your tone.
Make requests; do not give orders. Be courteous. Say please and thank you.

Spell check.
Turn on automatic spell check, but don’t trust it. You have to proofread email before you hit “send.”

And remember, email might not be the best form of communication!

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