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November 10, 2012

Set Motivating Goals

When you set performance goals, describe them in a way that inspires employees to want to reach them. You can do this using the following tools:

1. Put the goal into a larger frame by describing how its achievement contributes to the overall success of your team or department. This helps employees realize they are important parts of the team and shows them how their accomplishments matter.

2. Tie goals to the employee’s career development plan. This shows employees the positive results they personally will gain by achieving the goals.

3. Describe how the goal will help the employee be more successful and develop professionally. You can do this by tying goals to core competencies—the key skills most employers highly value in employees.

4. Encourage employees to actively participate in identifying goals they want to personally pursue. Encourage employees to take company sponsored training or use company tuition reimbursement plans. Tie these learning tools to their goals.

Make sure goals are personal, positive and put into writing!

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