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November 29, 2012

Take Action in 2013

As we move into a new year, forget resolutions! Instead, take action. Each of the following action items can help you grow and thrive as a professional.

• Stop multitasking. Yes, we all do it, and most of the time we lose productivity because of it. When you multitask, you divide your attention by each separate task, so if you are doing three things at once—checking email, talking on the phone, and updating your calendar—your attention is broken into thirds. This means you are 66 percent less productive on each task than you would be if you did one at a time.

• Network. Whom you know is important for your career, but who know you is more important. When you network, you create mutually-beneficial relationships with others and become a resource for them. This gives you influence, and influence gives you professional power. Attend at least one networking meeting within your industry each month to expand your contacts and grow your influence.

• Start your day with a plan. Taking five minutes to plan your day can save you hours of lost productivity. Before you go home each night, set your top five priorities for the next day and set up your workspace for the first item you want to handle when you arrive the next morning. Schedule time on your calendar for your most important activities and keep those appointments with yourself.

Take action now and start off 2013 on a productive note!

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