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Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business

For many people, social networking has all the attraction of a dentist appointment. However, if you want to connect with younger generations, you have to develop some social networking smarts. Where do you start? Choose the right network for your business:

• LinkedIn: This is the business person’s network. You can meet and mingle with professionals in your field and with your customers. Share your business expertise and provide a forum for clients to interact with you on a professional, business level.

• Facebook: This is more social than business; however, you can set up a business page for your clients. Less formal than LinkedIn, a Facebook business page is attractive to younger customers if you keep updating it and make it interactive. It’s a good way to discover what your customers are looking for in new products and services.

• Twitter: This is good for quick updates and fast communication. Communicate breaking news and make product offers with a link to your website. Tie your blog to Twitter, so new blog posts automatically send a tweet to your followers. You can also use Twitter to stay in touch with employees who work remotely.

Which one(s) will you choose?


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your families!


Make Improvements the Kaizen Way

Kaizen is the art of incremental improvement, and it produces results because it breaks down tasks into manageable steps and bypasses resistance. For example, if you hate to exercise and like watching television, start your exercise routine by walking in place during the commercial breaks. That’s it. Just stand and walk in place for the commercial breaks in one half-hour television program. When you do just this small action, you add eight minutes of activity to your day. Eight minutes isn’t a lot, but it’s better than zero minutes!

Take the kaizen approach to any task you are resisting. Hate writing year-end reports or performance reviews? The kaizen approach would be to spend ten minutes on the task or complete just one section of the review. That’s all. Just take one small step and watch them add up.


Get Ready to Close out 2012

With the New Year just around the corner and holiday festivities upon us, take time this week to set yourself up for 2013.

• Create a checklist of open items that need to be closed before the end of the year.
• Track down any data you need for year-end reports.
• Plan for skinnier staff coverage as most people take time off for the holidays.
• Confirm any travel plans and check reservations.
• Set up archive folders for electronic documents and emails and begin moving files and documentation into archive mode.