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December 27, 2012


Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business

For many people, social networking has all the attraction of a dentist appointment. However, if you want to connect with younger generations, you have to develop some social networking smarts. Where do you start? Choose the right network for your business:

• LinkedIn: This is the business person’s network. You can meet and mingle with professionals in your field and with your customers. Share your business expertise and provide a forum for clients to interact with you on a professional, business level.

• Facebook: This is more social than business; however, you can set up a business page for your clients. Less formal than LinkedIn, a Facebook business page is attractive to younger customers if you keep updating it and make it interactive. It’s a good way to discover what your customers are looking for in new products and services.

• Twitter: This is good for quick updates and fast communication. Communicate breaking news and make product offers with a link to your website. Tie your blog to Twitter, so new blog posts automatically send a tweet to your followers. You can also use Twitter to stay in touch with employees who work remotely.

Which one(s) will you choose?

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