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January 30, 2013

Make Boring, Repetitive Tasks Interesting

In even the most exciting career, boring and repetitive tasks are an unfortunate reality that everyone will face at some point. Whether these tasks entail entering data, returning phone calls or filing paperwork, there are several ways to make even the most tediously detailed work more interesting. Here are the top four ways to increase productivity while injecting some fun into otherwise mundane activities.

  • Set Small Goals

When faced with a large workload that involves multiple repetitive assignments, try breaking them up into small chunks.  Focusing on completing small tasks will make it seem as if there is less work for you to accomplish.

  • Celebrate Achievements

As each small goal is met, try a mini-celebration to mark the achievement. When celebrating, it is important to keep the reward small, so that the flow of work is not interrupted. Try eating a bite-size piece of candy, taking a five-minute stretch break or getting a cup of tea or coffee. This can help to reinforce the idea that work is fun, even when it is tedious.

  • Use Positive Reinforcement

Everyone has a motivation for going to work each day. Maybe you are planning a vacation or hoping to purchase a surprise for your children. By posting a picture of your motivator at your work desk, you can keep your eye on the prize while plugging away at work.

  • Get Active

In an open office, this one might get you a few crazy looks, but a little exercise can go a long way toward increasing productivity. After accomplishing a set number of tasks, do a quick walk-in-place or a few pumps of hand-weights. If you work in a small cubicle, toss in a few small stretches to help get your body energized for finishing the task.

When attempting to complete a repetitive task, it is important to find a way to make things interesting. By finding a rhythm and keeping it going through the use of a motivator and small breaks, even the most daunting task can be finished efficiently.

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