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February 16, 2013

Easy, Safe Execises to Do at Your Desk

Sitting at a desk for long hours does not need to prevent you from incorporating a workout into your routine. There are easy, safe and discreet exercises that can be completed while sitting at your desk that will help to get your blood flowing and your body toned.

For those who have more privacy than a simple cubicle in the middle of the room, aerobic exercise can be gotten from running in place, doing jumping jacks or simulating using a jump rope for a minute at a time while remaining right by your desk in case you need to answer the phone.

You can also build strength from your desk chair by lifting one leg at a time and extending it straight out, holding the position for a few seconds, lowering the leg close to the floor, holding that position for a few seconds and then switching to the other leg. Repeat about 15 times.

Stretching is another way you can exercise at your desk. An easy move is to stretch your arms way up as if you were reaching for the sky and holding that position for a few seconds. This can then be followed by lifting one arm higher, holding for a few minutes and then switching to the other arm.

Another stretching position comes from yoga. Sitting straight on the desk chair, move your head to the right and your torso to the left, slowly and at the same time. After holding the position for a few seconds, you can switch sides. You can repeat this a few times and feel your body stretch and lose some tension.

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