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February 8, 2013

Quickly Clean Up A Messy Computer Desktop

Clutter appears in many parts of your life. One of the most insidious of these areas is the computer desktop. Because the desktop is home to a variety of virtual items, users are often surprised by how quickly the things can amass. One day, the screen has a scant few icons; a few weeks or months later, they fill the desktop. After enough time, sorting through the icons can become daunting. A few steps can be taken to make the organization process a quick and relatively painless one.

Start by creating a new folder on the desktop. Give this folder a functional name, such as “Desktop Storage.” Then select every icon on the desktop by positioning the mouse in one of the screen’s four corners, hold the mouse’s left click button down and then sweep the mouse across all the icons. They should each be highlighted, typically with a blue color. Be sure not to select the new folder. Once this is done, drag every icon into the folder. The screen should then be pleasing to the eye: empty except for the new folder.

Open the new folder and change the view to Details. Arranging the files by “Date accessed” can illuminate several pertinent qualities. At a quick glance, this information tells a user when the last time a file or shortcut was accessed.

Only the hottest shortcuts and files, those used at least once in the last week, should be returned to the desktop. All other files should either remain in the folder or find their way to a better labeled folder on the computer’s hard drive or on a shared drive.

File names need to communicate their contents immediately. If a file has a name that means nothing at first glance, open the file to see what it is, then either rename or delete it entirely.

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