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February 27, 2013

Tips for Building Effective Workplace Networks

In every business, workplace networks serve an important role for forming groups that enable you to meet your personal and professional goals. The ideal workplace network is focused on creating positive change while encouraging members to do their personal best. A true measure of a thriving workplace network is one where every member knows that he or she can speak without judgment. An open atmosphere encourages the socialization that networking requires and also promotes the kind of creative problem-solving and innovative thinking that is the hallmark of a successful business professional. To promote openness, avoid making judgmental comments about anyone or about the company and work at resolving any conflicts that arise. Be willing to share knowledge and help each other when the need arises.

If you spend the day tucked away in a cubicle or office, it can be hard for workplace networks to develop. Take the initiative to get together regularly with your network. Take coffee breaks together or meet for lunch. Make it a point to check in with key members of your network at least monthly to keep the relationship fresh and rewarding.

Workplace networks support collaboration. As coworkers learn more about each other’s strengths, your network will expand and grow to become a resource that will help you whenever you have a problem that needs a solution. In addition, when a network focuses on making positive contributions to its members, it can be the driving force behind organizational and personal success.

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