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March 28, 2013

Make a Good Impression with Your 30-Second Introduction

The 30-second introduction is critical for making a good impression. Whether you are at a networking event, interviewing for a new position or making a sales pitch, you need to maximize each second of this important speech. It should capture your audience’s attention, which means it needs to be crafted for each situation and event. Your standard 30-second elevator pitch will not work all the time and needs to be customized. Decide what you hope to accomplish. For example, if you are putting together an introduction to pitch your professional services, make sure your introduction helps establish your credibility and expertise.

An impressive 30-second introduction should flow naturally enough to feel comfortable; however, it should never be done off-the-cuff. Instead, take the time to prepare a proper introduction that covers each of the main points you want your audience to focus on. Once you have planned out your introduction, practice it as often as you can until it sounds natural. A great way to perfect your 30-second introduction is to practice it on friends and coworkers who can provide helpful feedback.

When making your introduction, remember that your body language speaks volumes. Stand up straight, use good eye contact and remember to smile. In addition to paying attention to your own body language, be on the lookout for cues from others that may indicate you need to adjust your technique.

The best 30-second introduction will always lead to further dialogue. The right introduction will help you establish a connection with the other person or audience, build rapport and lead to a deeper discussion.

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