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April 18, 2013


How to Stay Calm With Upset Employees

In every work environment, conflicts occasionally arise in which two or more coworkers may experience anger. A negative environment impacts everyone by lowering productivity and motivation. If you are faced with an upset employee, here are a few ways to stay calm while the situation is resolved.

You might feel tempted to wait out the situation, hoping that the negative emotions will simply disappear. Sometimes that does happen. However, this approach can often cause anger to fester and create further problems. Generally, it is important to address the conflict as soon as it is recognized.

When people are upset, remember that they are only reacting to an event. More often than not, their anger is not personal and has nothing to do with who you are. Stay calm, focus on uncovering the issue behind the anger and do what is necessary to resolve it. Calling a time out can be helpful. It allows tempers to cool and discussion to occur in a more productive environment.

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