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April 24, 2013

Tips for Gaining Consensus from Others

Consensus decision-making offers a way to include everyone in a solution that will benefit the entire group. However, the process of coming to a consensus can be marked with many challenges. The following tips can help you more easily gain consensus from others for decisions that affect everyone.

Consensus can only be gained when every member of the team feels comfortable speaking. Always begin decision-making meetings by establishing that everyone is expected to keep an open mind and feel free to make suggestions and comments without judgment or censure. Encourage people to voice their ideas, suggestions and recommendations.

Once everyone has voiced their opinions, discuss each one with the entire group. Allow each member of the team to comment. Focus on any member of the team who is especially quiet and draw them out. This can sometimes lead to dissent or additional contributions. After everyone has had the opportunity to address his or her thoughts, begin to formulate the decision.

During the final stages of the consensus decision-making process, it may be difficult to get everyone to agree. For this reason, it is important to explain that consenting to a plan does not always mean that it is a person’s first choice. Often, one or more members of the team may still have reservations. However, if everyone can consent to work together to make the decision successful, then consensus can be gained and a formal plan can be implemented.

Consensus ensures that the entire team is working toward a common goal. It can bolster accountability, ownership and personal responsibility since individual team members have been able to give input and feel that their opinions have been heard.

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