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May 30, 2013

How to Talk About Accomplishments Without Bragging

Sharing your accomplishments is a great way to earn the respect of your colleagues and gain new clients. If you are doing your job well, it is important that others understand and appreciate the valuable role you play in the workplace. Self-promotion, however, is one aspect of career management that tends to make many people nervous. You want to make your contributions clear to others and avoid coming off as abrasive or egotistical. Whether you are networking, interviewing for a new position or aiming for a promotion, here are a few ways to highlight your accomplishments without coming off as a braggart.

Establish the Right Mindset
Before talking about your accomplishments, assess your goals. By having a clear purpose in mind before you speak, you can focus on the contributions that pertain to your goals. For example, you might want to showcase your creativity, so you can choose to mention how your innovative idea contributed to the success of a project. By establishing a mindset that is a mixture of self-confidence and modesty, you can demonstrate the significance of your accomplishments in a non-offensive way.

Stick to the Facts
Muhammad Ali once stated, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” To avoid crossing the line into bragging, make sure that each of your accomplishments can be clearly defined and measured. Avoid embellishing with additional details that do not pertain to your situation, even if they may be true. By sticking to the facts, you will be able to keep the focus on your most important achievements.

Credit the Work of Others
People love to receive credit for their contributions to a positive outcome. While you never want to take credit away from yourself, sharing details about the help you received from others will enable you to talk about your own accomplishments with an air of graciousness.

When you take the time to present your accomplishments in a straightforward, factual way and share the glory, you will be recognized for your success in the right way.

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