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May 2, 2013

How to Productively Manage Priorities

Managing priorities is an essential part of being productive in the workplace. Here are some good ways to manage priorities and keep work flowing smoothly.

Identify Sensitive Tasks
When managing priorities, it is important to understand if one task is more important than another. Tasks can often be prioritized according to their sensitivity. For example, if something is on a tight deadline or can negatively impact other areas of work, it probably is a higher priority than other, less-sensitive tasks, which can be delayed.

Create a Plan
Always create a prioritization list to remind you of what is essential for hitting your goals. Put the highest priority items on the top of the list. Using a visual aid, such as a calendar or scheduling board, can help ensure that you and your team members keep the top priorities in focus.

Maintain Communication
It is common for priorities to suddenly change in response to new developments. This makes it essential to maintain open communication so that everyone can adjust priorities as needed. Regular check-ins, email updates and task boards are a few ways to make sure that everyone is aware of the established and changing priorities.

Managing priorities is important for you and your team to stay positively productive, especially in times of change when priorities often shift and move. These tips can help you achieve what is most important and stay on task.

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