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May 9, 2013

Tips for Better Collaboration Among Team Members

Collaboration is an effective way to strengthen teamwork and accomplish organizational goals. However, getting team members to collaborate effectively can take some work, especially if they are communicating from a distance or are unaccustomed to working together.

Establish Ground Rules
When working as a team, it is important to recognize that no two people will always think the same. Therefore, it is important to lay out some ground rules so everyone knows what to expect. Establish how often, when and where the team will check in. Decide if check-ins will be in-person or virtual. Clarify roles so that each team member understands what they are accountable for and what their responsibilities are to the team.

Encourage an Open Environment
A primary goal of collaboration is to generate new ideas and ways for them to be implemented. For the creative process to work, each team member must feel comfortable and safe in order to share his or her ideas. During team meetings, create an open atmosphere by accepting all ideas using the brainstorming process. Then, after the brainstorming session is over, discuss each idea objectively until the best solution is found.

Celebrate Milestones
When team members spend time together on a personal level, they are much more capable of working together effectively. Celebrating milestones and achievements can be a great way to encourage the camaraderie that will pay off in the long run. So, be sure and plan for a team celebration to mark each milestone along the way toward reaching major goals. This one simple move can serve to inspire motivation while strengthening your team.

By using these tips, you can encourage better collaboration among team members and ensure the successful accomplishment of projects.

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